Friday, July 20, 2012

Ford's Baby Photo Shoot :: Ashlee Raubach Photography

I could not have been happier with how these photos turned out!
(Let me rephrase that, other than my post baby body I could not have been happier...)
Ashlee Raubach's style of photography is so clean, beautiful and crisp.
I love that with her images you can feel the emotion of the people without too much fuss.
It's just what comes out of the camera.

This boy of mine, is dreamier than I had ever imagined! He could not complete our family of four more.
We are all so in love with him.  I fall deeper in love with my children as I see them love each other.  I feel incredibly blessed that they have one another, Ford gets just as excited to see and play with Presley as she does with him.  It is too much!  Love this family of mine, grateful to have them through the thick and thins of life.

Ashlee, I want to thank you again for giving the gift of your talents.  Once again, you have given us images that we will cherish forever.  I am forever grateful for these images!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ford's Nursery

Bla Bla Dream Rings
Bla Bla Dolls
Jamie Young Flowering Lotus Pendant
Bedding I made with my Mom
Crib sheet made from John Robshaw queen sheet.
West Elm Rug
Side Table from Crate and Barrel, bought 8 years ago
West Elm Luxe Drapes n/a
Moroccan Leather Pouf
Crib and Dresser Topper
Faux sheepskin rugs Ikea
Chevron Pillow
Metal Whale
Painting by me
Ikea Dresser
Photo Canvas of my Dad
Baskets in Armoire
Laundry Basket
Wall Paint - Swiss Coffee by Dunn Edwards
Armoire, Frames, and most accessories vintage/flea market finds.

Most of the items I had bought a while ago, but I tried to link whatever items I could still find, luckily there were a few!

I am finally getting around to posting photos of Ford's nursery!
I have been anxious to share these images with you, thank you for all of your emails, and your patience!
This has been a very busy season in my life.
Ashlee Raubach did it again, and captured my Ford S.R. so sweetly in his very own little space.
I love working with her talents!

I created this space with my boy in mind, wanting to play up the existing white walls, and re using a lot of our furniture and accessories, but making it a brand new space for our boy.  Ford is my dreamboat, the sweetest thing I've ever laid eyes on, so the light and airy room is very fitting for his happy demeanor. 
There were so many images I loved that I decided to break up this session into two posts.  First,
the room photos.  And second, I'll post the baby photos. 
Ford was four months old when these photos were taken.

Interior Design by Nicole Davis

All photos taken by Ashlee Raubach

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Presley's Update

A quick update of Presley ...
She got her cast off the week of the wedding, the Doctor warned us that she may regress and boy was he right!
I was not expecting it to get even harder once the cast was off.  She couldn't walk on it for three weeks, and I was starting to worry about the effects of the broken leg long term.  Each day we worked on her doing weight bearing activities on her leg and massaging the knee and ankle that were restricted in the cast.  All of that paid off as she just tried walking one day, a very good day!

She is now back to herself, her confidence is way up and she is my active and bright little girl.  (The crawling brought on a lot of baby talk and whining.) She still limps but we are happy she can run around and play.  I just came across these photos that Ashlee Raubach took about a month before her injury and it brought me so much joy.  I love how she captured the true spirit of my high energy Presley.

Thank you again for all of your kind words and ideas of what to do with a broken leg during summer - we had plenty to do as far as distraction thanks to you! xo

Sneak Peek :: Robb and Jess Wedding

Robb and Jess's wedding has come and gone,
it was really such a beautiful day.
I am excited to share with you all a few iphone sneak peeks until we get the images back.
I enjoyed creating an evening for my brother and his beautiful bride!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Presley's Birthday

It has been one long and busy month or so.
Last week we celebrated my Presley's birthday.
We had such a great day doing all things Presley!
I of course had to continue our tradition of waking up to balloons and decor.
This year the horses joined in on the balloon surprise!
And I made her a sparkly gold crown that she actually wanted to wear most the day.

Our day included
chocolate chip pancakes. baking cookies. played with horsies. opening presents. baja for lunch. polka dot nails. party with friends.

I can't believe my girl is four, time really does go too fast.
I couldn't love her more!

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