Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ford S.R. Davis :: Five Months Old

Sweet boy,
You are a dream.
You love to be happy, and usually are.
You love to smile and laugh.
You kick your legs and squirm every time you see Mommy.
You smile instantly when you see Mommy, Daddy, or Presley.
You talk and drool and experiment with different sounds.
You love your toys.
You are a snuggle bug.  Always cuddling into mommy's neck, grabbing my hair, and holding my hands.
You have been showing off with the plank position lately!
You scoot, usually backwards, and roll around.
You soothe with your hands and refuse the pacifier now.
You are a very big boy, and strong too.
You are back to being a great sleeper.
You give Mommy kisses, and often ask for  them with your mouth wide open until you get my attention!
You melt my heart.  I have a hard time leaving your side or putting you down at night, I want to hold you all day!
I love you my wonderful mister.


la terrasse said...

he's so cute

The Locklins said...

What a handsome and oh so sweet little guy! Thanks for sharing.

little miss vintage said...

He is SO cute, can't believe he is already 5 months old!

♥ Audrey Crisp said...

So so cute! Love him!

Emily Curfew said...

he is so precious.

Candice said...

I die over that little guy!! Love him.

Gloria said...

What a handsome little guy!

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