Thursday, March 1, 2012

Master Bedroom Inspiration

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For Christmas we decided to spruce up our bedroom a bit.
I have been dying to get my dream bedframe for a few years - but still can't get myself to spend the money on it.
This is what I am thinking to do for our master bedroom on a smaller budget.

We are in the middle of putting everything together, making a headboard, and I'm excited for it to be done and share with you!


Ali said...

Love that rug.

Briana said...

I wish I would have jumped on that rug when it first came out! :( it's not available at the moment. You snooze, you loose, right?

I'm sure your master is going to be fantastic. You've got mad skills!

Emily Curfew said...

hi nicole! i just wanted to thank you for sharing pix of your home and the white paint color used throughout your house. we recently painted our bedroom and kitchen the "swiss coffee" that you shared, and WE LOVE IT! it is such a warm and creamy white. Thanks! hope you and your little bundle are doing great. :-)

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