Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my go to nail polish

I randomly found a bottle of Orly nail lacquer  in Pixy Stix while getting a pedicure and have become obsessed!  It is definitely my go to nail color this spring. 

I I don't know where you find this polish, but I found a very close match in my go to polish, OPI.

Their Elephantastic Pink is a must have!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Diet Starts Monday

Hello and Happy Monday!
"Diet starts Monday" is a common phrase around these parts, but really today the Davis' start eating healthy again!
We are not on any particular diet, just cooking more, and eating less sugar and white flour carbs.
I start off every morning with a glass of fresh lemon water, and now a vegan kale smoothie.
What are your healthy eating/dieting tricks?  Please do share!

Kale Smoothie

5 Kale leaves with stems removed
organic banana
frozen pineapple
green apple
ground flax seeds
almond milk
(sometimes I throw some coconut water in too)

These pics are helping motivate me.
Here's to looking good in spring and summer outfits!

 above photos from Zara's look book


Friday, March 25, 2011

a much needed week

don't judge me, I'll do anything to make this girl happy, and all presley wanted was lots of photos with "funny faces".
and could you just die over her expressions?! love her.

It's been a good week.
Dan, my honey, is now a full time student again getting his MBA, and he had a week long quarter break so we decided to get out of town.
Presley got a bad cough, but other than that it has been cozy relaxing bliss!
It was some much needed time just the three of us away from work and worries.
Hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend!

Book update:  Thank you thank you (!!!) for all the book recommendations!  Most of us are loving the same books, and I now have so many more on my list of "to read".  I decided to go with a classic, Jane Eyre. (thank you Katherine!)  But, of course, I can't just buy it from the bookstore I want to get the penguin classic edition so that it will look even prettier on my bookshelf when it's all read!  So I am heading to Borders now to get a good read while it is in the mail. 

See you Monday!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Water For Elephants

The husband is on quarter break and we decided to take the week off and spend time relaxing and enjoying our little family of three.  This means I have actually been able to read, I'm a total bookworm who hasn't had time to read as of late.  I didn't realize how badly I missed it until I read Water For Elephants in three days!  I really enjoyed it and now can't wait for the movie!

I recently read The Help and loved it so much I was sad to have it end.  I missed all the characters!

I now have the weekend left to start another book and need recommendations!  Are there any books that you loved? Please share!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home Tour: Our Living Room & Reader's Questions

Here are all the photos by Ashlee Raubach Photography of our Living Room.
I have received a lot of questions about this room, so I'm going to try and answer them all here.

The paint color is Swiss Coffee by Dunn Edwards. This paint is in the majority of our home, and I love it.  I often tell Dan that I don't know if I'll ever paint anything else as our main color.  It is the perfect white!

The chevron painting was one of the first things I posted about.  It was a fun DIY project and has made a lot of impact in the space.  It literally cost me close to nothing.  I went to Home Depot and bought a piece of wood, used paint I already had, and got to measuring.  The bottom uneven stripe was a mistake that I kept, I thought it added personality :)
(You can also see the difference the shelving makes too - the painting was made before we installed the shelves.)

The curtains were also a cheap trick!  I went to Home Fabrics and found a white fabric for $5/yd.  I was so nervous you'd be able to tell the fabric was so cheap.  I found a seamstress and had them made professionally with a french pleat.  

The rug is also Anthropologie and was bought five years ago.  And it is still available here!

The striped pillows I made with cotton fabric found at a random fabric shop.  It is not a "home" fabric, but remember to not limit yourself to that - especially for pillows.  It is easy to get away with different fabrics, scarves, and remnants of fabric.

The two flower pillows are from Anthropologie years ago.  I still love them and am so glad I have them!

This "Every Day I Love You" print is just a card I made my honey on Valentine's Day last year and framed it.

The black leaning mirror I received for Christmas, also five years ago, it can still be found here.

The accessories in the shelves are from all over!  Mainly from my travels, home goods, flea markets, and sale shopping.  Almost everything in these shelves were random trinkets I had in boxes before I got the shelves installed.  I couldn't spend anymore money after the custom shelving - so luckily I have been purchasing home goods since I graduated high school!  Yes, I was that girl who was buying home products while all my friends were buying clothes!

(above photo obviously by me.)
The table lamp was a one dollar find at D.I.  It worked and was a light wood stain.  
I roughly painted it with grey paint I had, and added a black target lampshade.  
It is now one of my favorite peices!
All other items are random finds except for the Fringe cloche, designed by my talented brother in law!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Monday

Hello and Happy Monday!
I am loving seeing the pops of spring, this is always such a beautiful time of year.
We are surrounded in rain right now, but have been having amazing weather otherwise.
And I love a good rainy day every once in a while.

I wanted to say thank you to old and new readers that were so kind with the two part house tour on Made By Girl here and here.
I was blown away by your support and encouraging comments and emails!
You all made my week.
Thank you!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

high heeled shoes

I don't know what fashion blogs Presley is reading, but this girl has got serious poses and a little bit of attitude!
Yesterday I dropped off some clothes to sell at a consignment store and they had a shoe section in the back. Presley was in heaven. She tried on every pair of high heels in sight.
I'm starting to feel like I am depriving the girl from heels seeing as that I am boring and already 5"11" so there are no high heels in my closet.
I asked her to strike some poses and this is what she started doing. Didn't crack a smile once. I was rolling!
This girl keeps us laughing all day long.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Made By Girl

I was beyond flattered when Jen of Made By Girl asked to do a feature of our home!
Check it out here.

I have gotten a lot of inquiries about the flower ottoman pictured below, email me at meohmyblog@gmail.com
if you are seriously interested. I can give you ordering and pricing info! Thanks!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Thoughts

I'm wishing it was still the weekend.
We are lucking out with amazing weather, and we had a lot planned last weekend.
Wedding reception, groceries at the market, long day at Disneyland with my side of the family, and a lazy Sunday.
Life is good and it is the little things that are making me happy.

... like this basket full of the most delicious strawberries
And the fact that Presley would look at this picture and say,
"(loud gasp) Oh no Mommy! My nails are not even painted!"
ha! This girl of mine is hilarious and so dramatic and loves to have her nails painted at all times.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

LA Friday

Friday night we were going to be up in LA so we decided to make a day of it and head up early to get stuff for work done - and some good eats!

First stop, Big Daddy Antiques. I love this place!

A stop into Potato Chips for my favorite sandwich. You must try the tuna sandwich. I frequented this sandwich shop while interning for Rolling Greens - which was next on our list. It was so fun to get back to the store and see friends!

Milk, you must go here. The food is delicious and the ice cream bars are insane!

and a stop for some lovely flowers for our home. There is nothing better than fresh flowers in your space.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Family Photos with Ashlee Raubach

I feel kind of awkward posting all these photos of us, and there are one hundred more that I would have posted, but I can't let our photo shoot with Ashlee Raubach go by without posting about it.

I know I blog a lot about Ashlee's amazing work with interiors, but I have to show some of her other work. My mom hired her to take our extended family photos in November for our Christmas cards. We were all excited to work with her. When we got the photos back I was blown away by her talents - I was staring at my favorite photos to date. I don't have very many photos of Presley and me. I am usually the one behind the camera. So when I saw this series of photos of just the two of us I melted. I am so grateful to Ashlee for capturing this time in my life. And for making us comfortable enough to just be ourselves in front of the camera - especially my Presley. I now have stills of this time where I feel the most happiness as a daughter, wife, and now mother. It is such an amazing role and something that has bettered my life beyond measure. I am forever in debt to Ashlee for these gifts! Thank you, thank you.

I am beyond obsessed with this shot of D and P.

And, she also got amazing shots of my parents that I am so happy to have! These are also going to be cherished and in my home for years to come.
Aren't these gorgeous?!

all photos taken by Ashlee Raubach

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