Monday, February 28, 2011

Presley's Room

I've shared a couple posts with you of Presley's room here and here (with list of resources!)
But I thought I'd post the photos that Ashlee Raubach took while she was here too!
We are in a transition with Presley's room, with her toddler bed, I have decided to wait until she turns three to change up her room.

I added a gallery wall to give the nursery a little bit of a transition. It was fun to put this together only using frames and pieces I already had (besides the shadowbox). Presley also loved painting the acrylic painting. That is her favorite activity and it's rare that I let her use that over watercolors.

I added a few more of my photos of the gallery wall.

photo by me

photo by me

photo by me

I created a papercut - I'm obsessed with papercuts! - of Presley for one of my art appreciation classes. I always tried to make things that I would want to use in my home for assignments, it helped me justify spending so much time on school work if I could make it more meaningful!

Friday, February 25, 2011

baby's bookplates

My bestie since third grade had her baby shower for her first babe last night.
I have been thinking about what fun things I can make for that baby all week to add to my all time favorite toys.
I wanted to make a couple more things, but time ran out. (Lucky for me there is still time until baby is here.) I got a onesie embroidered with his sweet nickname "alfie".

And made these bookplates to decorate his ever growing library. While I was at it, I made some for Presley and for her girl Lola in pinks and purples.

I love opening Presley's books now to see this on the inside cover!

I think I'm going to add a "given by" on the next round.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Utah Condo

While in Utah, I snapped a few shots of the condo. Dan and I spent two years in this comfy little condo, and it is now spent hosting my parents family and friends. It was a lot of fun to help my mom change things up when we moved out. The place is a collaboration of my ideas, my mom's, and some help from Alice Lane Home. I quickly snapped a few photos to share on a few of the spots I styled on my way out the door...

The Great Room console

The Master Bedroom

The Guest Room

Sorry about the tight cropped photos! I only had my 50 mm lens with me, and this is a tiny condo.
I'll post more photos of other projects at the condo my next visit.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Trip to Utah + Good Eats

Snow bunnies up at Sundance

I am sitting in Santa Barbara watching a movie with my babe while it pours rain - starving - due to a new lifestyle decision when it comes to our diet (more on that later) thinking of our incredible trip to Utah a few days back. It was freezing cold!!! But you can't beat the gorgeous scenery and the delicious food!

My cute mom was up with us as well, it was fun to spend some quality girl time with her!

I thought I'd link to some of my favorite spots that I was able to stop in for a quick bite. You must try these when you're in town!

Pizzeria 712 (my all time favorite)
Les Madelaines - get a few of the kuoing-amans to take home. One is never enough!
The Chocolate - this was my first time, and everything was delicious!

We ate like Kings!
And there were still some places that I wish I could have gotten to. Utah seriously has some of the best spots!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I know there has been much talk about BHLDN, Anthropologie's new wedding line already, but I must say that I can not stop daydreaming about this dress. It is my favorite piece of their gowns.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


... the month of February,

and the excuse to leave tiny heart shaped treat surprises at any chance you get.

Chocolate hearts tucked into Presley's backpack for our trip to Utah.

Side note: a few of you have emailed me about not being able to get my full posts in your blog reader, I tried to fix it - can you tell me if it worked?? Thanks!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Craft

I can't believe it is February first. This last month has been a whirlwind for us. A lot to adjust to and a lot of stress. It didn't feel like your typical start of the new year, making goals sort of January. So I am thankful for the first of February! I need a reason to start into all of my resolutions and a new month just might be it. Have any of you had a weird January?

This wreath I actually started at a craft night a year ago! We took a wreath and wrapped it in red yarn, and then made an assortment of felt embellishments. I had made some already and brought out my wreath to make more and put it together at a craft night this year, but I just wasn't liking how mine was turning out. So, I scrapped all of my little pretties and went for one gigantic pink bow. I like how it feels a bit Kate Spade. And I always love red and pink together. This craft is super easy and packs a lot of punch. I did another little heart craft I'll share on another day.

Happy February! I love this month, and can't wait to do sweet little things for my two sweethearts - (Dan and Presley)

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