Monday, December 12, 2011

The Next Two Weeks

It is a rainy and cozy morning for us here.
And I'm loving being bundled up inside with my girl, playing the matching game, and eating breakfast.
There is so much goodness going on in the next two weeks, I can hardly sleep at night!
My birthday, our Baby's arrival(!!!), and Christmas.  
Luckily we are having a very simple Christmas this year and everything is done and wrapped so I can just enjoy these last moments with my girl, just the three of us.
We all couldn't be more excited about the expected arrival any day now.
Life is full. 
I am still going to try and post through out the week, but no promises!

I keep seeing the above quote, and it could not be more true.
My home is where ever I'm with Dan, Presley, and Baby.
Happy Monday to all of you!

P.S.  I've been asking a few friends, but thought I'd ask all of you two, what baby item/tip/trick could you not live without??  I have been through this before, but I am forgetting!  Hoping it all comes back to me.


m e g a n said...

gripe water is great with cholichy-ness, and with a boy you need lots and lots of washcloths for diaper changes, otherwise you may get squirted by a fountain! Good luck and congratulations!


leslie burket. said...

depended on the baby:

swankie blankies and a hot sling for lila
swaddle designs ultimate receiving blanket and walks outside for trent

for mom and dad:
date nights.
big bottles half juice/water.
sushi take out (finally!)
and a hot shower.
(oh and some new cozy lounge pants that were neither my old too small jammies or maternity pants.)

for big sister:
a swing, to put baby in, so you can have plenty of cuddle time.

cheers and love.

Smith, Here! said...

Cant wait to see this handsome baby boy!!! xx

Cinthya said...

I hope the birth of your baby goes smoothly. Reading this post gave me nostalgia. My yongest is now 21 months and I miss my time at home with my three little munchkins. I work full time and sometimes all I can do is think about being at home.

The S's beach house said...

My baby boy is 5 1/2 months. There are many items I love but if I can give you one tip it would be:


I read a book called "Happiest Baby on the Block", it talked about techniques to sooth your baby and swaddling was one of them. You do not need to buy any special blankets, typical receiving blankets work fine. My baby has been sleeping through the night since he was 1 month and I really believe it has to do with him being swaddled tight like a burrito.

Good Luck

Lisa said...

Have a basket filled full of activities for your older child to do while you are nursing the baby. The child is only allowed to use everything in this basket when you are nursing or need one on one with the baby. The older sibling can sometimes get jealous while you are spending time with the newborn. If you have a "fun" basket filled with crafts and snacks the older sibling is distracted while you get some quality time with the baby! Worked for me :)

Lorie Brandon said...

The Woombie!!! Best invention ever! Takes the worry out of getting the perfect swaddle at three in the morning. I started using right after my second baby was born in the hospital. I give this as a gift for all new parents and will be using with my third on the way. Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of sweetness!

Kirsten said...

Good question! Its fun to hear what other have to say.
I just had baby number 3 a few months ago and this time around the things I couldnt live without are the aden and anais swaddle blankets, the fisher price rock n play sleeper and my britax b ready stroller.

Congrats on your baby on the way. I bet he and baby Cash will be the best of friends:)

Lacey said...

I love your blog and your sweet family! Cannot wait ot see this beutiful boy and congradulations!

Tiffany said...

Tiny Love crib mobiles are miracle workers for getting baby to transition into their own crib after sleeping by mom the first little while. Me and all my sisters swear by them!

Amy said...

What a fun few weeks this will be for you all! We LOVED (and still love) the "wubbanub"- little pacifiers attached to very small plush animal. It has become her "lovie" too so when we decide to go pacifier-less, we can just clip off the pacifier! You can buy them on amazon. Swaddling was also important for us. Now, our girl is a GREAT sleeper!

Ali said...

I really liked using the mustela wipes when my son was a newborn and of course the aden and anais swaddle blankets are amazing. good luck to you on your newest arrival.

b.a. said...

when adding our second child to our family, i found it so helpful to make sure our oldest still had moments where she felt special and chosen, rather than always having to be patient and wait for my attention. i would make a point of saying out loud to the baby (so our oldest could hear), "i'm going to lay you down now so i can read books with piper!" (or fill in the blank with whatever activity--even just snuggling!) i think it helped her feel like i was still able to put her first at times. another thing was trying to find little ways to include her in caring for the baby. even at a young age, they can bring you diapers or blankies or do other simple tasks. our daughter found that really fun. good luck to you! what a special christmas this will be!

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