Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weekend Getaway :: Deer Valley, Utah

 Deer Valley, Utah
Our "babymoon"
We enjoyed a little getaway together up in Deer Valley while Presley stayed home with her cousins.
It was a great relaxing weekend spent in gorgeous fall weather.
You can't beat the Utah mountains in the fall!
We bunked up with my Mom, both brothers, and Robb's girl Jess.
It was perfect!

Me in all my 32 week glory.
Baby is growing!
(and apparently so am I...)

I'd also like to give a big thanks to everyone for taking the survey!
All of your time and support is much appreciated!


Cason and Marie said...

You are gorgeous!!

TAbbey at Southern Charm said...

Nicole, I second the gorgeous comment! I love your blog, I always anxiously await your next post. I would love to know how you edit your personal pics? Do you use some sort of effect after the fact or is it your camera settings? They almost look vintage and I'm obsessed with them.

•Kristin• said...

i agree, you can't beat utah this time of year. you look beautiful! i can't wait to see how adorable this new little boy will be! best wishes the next few weeks!

RedusRN said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing!!

Ash said...

how lovely! I love visiting Utah- it never ceases to take my breath away... and now I'm feeling like hopping in the car and making the 8 hour drive (:

Nicole said...

So fun seeing you guys! Tell your mom thanks again for a great party! xo.

Ridgely's Radar said...

Wow! What a beautiful place!

brittany said...

aw, your trip looks so autumny and lovely! what a good babymoon!

Swell Girl said...

Good to know there's another hot brunette filling in for me while I'm away.
Michael said it was so much fun. Next time, I'll be there :)

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