Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Monday

 Good Morning!  
We got up bright and early to make pumpkin waffles and cranberry syrup.
It was delicious and the perfect start to Halloween day.

This weekend was a good mix of busy and relaxing.
We got a lot done for Baby, and the rest of the house. phew!
And enjoyed different celebrations and holiday fun.

:: saw this darling idea and had to make some for Sunday dinner and Halloween breakfast! :: 

:: halloween crafts - mummy cups! :: 

:: twin mocs and hot cocoa on a saturday morning :: 

:: family nesting :: 

:: ice cream sandwich bar for a friend's brithday :: 

 :: preschool crafts ::

:: another visit to the pumpkin patch ::


Lindsay R said...

cute pictures. i love the twin mocs. i need a pair myself.
the family nesting looks like it is going well.

happy halloween!


LindsayNicole said...

Happy Halloween!

I love your pictures and your beautiful little girl! Loved your mummy cups too! Happy trick or treating tonight!


L.A. in the bay said...

how precious. Your little girl is so flippin cute.

Michelle+Ellie said...

she is adorable!

Emma (Glitter and Gold) said...

Love those ghostie cups!!!! and cant wait to see the new nursery! Congrats

Shannon said...

is that teal bed a toddler or twin? and where is it from??? so cute!!!

Where My Heart Is said...

LOVE the Mummy cups. I'll have to keep this idea for next year. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jillian Goulding said...

Please tell where the teal/blue bed is from!! I have been looking for something similar for my baby girl's new big girl bed. So adorable! Thanks! Oh. and your daughter's hair is gorgeous!

Julie said...

I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I clipped a photo of three little dark gray beds, just like your blue one, years ago. I have never known where to find them and even tried to convince my husband to build one for me. And then I see you have the bed in blue! Please, PLEASE, share where you found this bed, or who the maker is. I will sleep better just knowing. :) Thanks.

Amber F said...

Where did you get your moccasins???

nicole me oh my! said...

Amber, they are from Minnetonka :)

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