Monday, August 1, 2011

scenes from this past week ...

Last week was packed!
It all started on Tuesday with a baby shower my sister in law, friend (Shannon's sister), and I planned for this beautiful sister in law, Shannon.

Complete with a make shift photo booth.
More photos to come!

 Then off to a few days in Lake Arrowhead with my second family.
It was beautiful, relaxing, and much needed!  It was so great to spend so much time with all of them like the good old days.

Home for an impromptu dance party while we unpacked and got ready for our weekend staycation with my family.

 Dinner at Javier's and Sprinkles for dessert.

 All day beach day on Saturday.

Home for baths and cleaning up all that sand and sunscreen.
Followed by hitting the theater to watch the funny Crazy Stupid Love.

Sunday morning we had a surprise rain storm complete with freshly baked cinnamon crumb cake and playing barefoot in the rain.

Then off to the sweet baby blessing of my boy Alfie.
I can not get enough of him.
This is just a typical day of sunbathing for him in Lake Arrowhead.

It was such a fun week, and I am now trying to get life back in order around here.
I love summer days.


Ashly said...

That Shannon sure is a beauty. Great shower with the most delis food ever!

Lula. said...

Doesn't it take at least a week to recover from vacation? You have been busy! Shannon looks darling with a belly on her, I hope more pics of the shower are coming..?

sarah marie. said...

THANK YOU for posting a picture of shannon! i love it.

Karena said...

What a great time Nicole!! I can see you had a great time!


Art by Karena

SaigeWisdom said...

love the photo booth props, your "home for baths" photo and the little guy's ray-bans! so cute.

Miss Rubio said...

What a great week you had...great photos. What camera do you use to get those vintage-like images?
And those photo booth creative, I love!

Cara Crowley said...

Gorgeous! What a beautiful summer you are having :)

Natalie said...

your kids are just adorable! and your friend is such a cute pregnant mommy!

Shelly Hyde said...

Shands is so cute and Cay and her family look so beautiful!

Jennifer Fellows said...

I love the white top you have on sitting on the tub edge. May I ask where it is from?

nicole me oh my! said...

@Jennifer Fellows, I got the top at Brass Plum a few months back. Maybe it's still there and on sale? Thank you for the compliment!

@Miss Rubio any of the square vintage photos are from instagram on my iphone. Hope that helps!

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