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Guest Post: Arcadian Lighting

Hello, everyone! My name is Lindsey and I'm a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a website that provides wonderful lighting options for any home. I get to look at gorgeous things all day long and write about them. I work as a guest blogger, focusing on interior design, home furnishings, lighting, and art. When I saw Nicole's blog, Me Oh My Mama, I fell in love with her fun and chic approach to motherhood. I'm honored to write a guest blog for her today!

Expecting a baby boy in the near future? Why not welcome the little one into a sweetly decorated nursery decked out in lovely shades and tints of blue? Here are a few decorating ideas to accommodate the baby boy through their first few years; install pendant lights or a hanging lantern so that when they start crawling they don't knock anything over; use durable, yet soft, area rugs – think wool; fill their room with fun, interactive toys; and lastly, be creative with your blue hues.

You'll see blues ranging from cool sky blue to deep navies. Just remember to enjoy decorating and getting prepared for the baby as you make the room fun!
Blue Nursery Designs
Oh Dee Doh via
Doesn't this look like a fun nursery? Decorated in blues and yellow (because the mother waited to find out whether she was having a boy or girl at the birth), this room is just too cute. Love the presence of giraffes throughout, even the lamp is in the shape of a giraffe!
Blue Nursery Designs
D├ęcor Pad via
In this airy nursery, lime green and white accent the baby blue throughout the room. With a large pendant light hanging over the crib, a baby blue swivel accent chair with lime green piping, and a cute striped area rug, this room is perfectly prepped for a cute baby boy.
Blue Nursery Designs
Coastal Living via
This is a really fun nursery that's more modern than most nurseries we've seen. The designer played a lot with blue patterns and stripes, too. For instance, the wall is hand-painted in sky blue and white stripes, while a comfy swivel chair is upholstered in a light blue fabric with a honeycomb pattern. Love the deep blue in the zebra-shaped area rug!
Blue Nursery Designs
House to Home via
This precious nursery would actually be well-suited for a baby boy or girl. Lots of peppy, not to mention colorful, stripes and block patterns accent the warm periwinkle blue wall color. This is a great way to decorate your baby's nursery if you want to do something gender-neutral.
Blue Nursery Designs
Penny Rounds via Domino Magazine
This is quite a chic space for a nursery, wouldn't you say? If you have a little nook like this in your nursery, you can place the crib there to save on space. If you have a little more room, you can add some direct lighting with accent lamps atop a cupboard for toys, books and clothes.

Though blue nurseries are usually saved for baby boys, these are so darling, that they would be cute for baby girls, too!

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