Friday, April 22, 2011

Paper Flower Tutorial Link

Flat center

You might remember when I blogged about Brittany's beautiful wedding here.
I was so inspired by her amazing oversized paper flowers, that I knew I had to use them for something!
She was kind enough to post a tutorial for everyone.
(and be sure to check out her Royal Wedding souvenirs!)
Thanks Brittany!

I used paper from Paper Source.  They have great colors and their square paper was a good size.
I fit one petal per square sheet.
I hadn't read through the tutorial until after I bought my supplies, and I wish I would have bought more paper - I only had enough for 5 petals for each flower, and I think the recommended 6-7 would look better.

My addition was one more fringed circle in some of the flowers.
I liked the mix of flat centers and fringed centers.
 Follow Brittany's instructions for the first two fringed circles.

 Make a third smaller circle and cut the fring close to the middle.
Make one larger cut and cross over gluing about an inch in.
 Curl or crinkle your fringe,
Glue in the center of flower.
Fringed center

These were really so fun to make and have a big impact!
I have mine up as Easter & Spring decoration.
Try and make some last minute flowers for your Easter decor.

Have a great Easter weekend!


Stephanie Shepherd said...

These are really gorgeous, and low maintenance! :) I especially love the ivory flowers in the images below. Thanks for sharing!

Pinecone said...

I really love this idea! Thanks for the tutorial. I love the photos from yesterday too.
Happy Easter

Ashly said...

they really are such a cute, eye-catching decor. love this and wish i had done some for easter/spring decor.

Miss B. said...

It looks terrific! Well done! i'm so glad you could put them to use. I love the gold addition.

I love the idea of using them for Easter. Lovely!

Tracey said...

Oh Amazing. Will have to make one of these!

karen @ our slo house said...

So. I'm new to your blog, and I simply love everything about it.

Consider me your new stalker. :)

homestilo said...

This adds such a nice touch a Spring party- thank you for the tutorial!

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