Wednesday, March 9, 2011

LA Friday

Friday night we were going to be up in LA so we decided to make a day of it and head up early to get stuff for work done - and some good eats!

First stop, Big Daddy Antiques. I love this place!

A stop into Potato Chips for my favorite sandwich. You must try the tuna sandwich. I frequented this sandwich shop while interning for Rolling Greens - which was next on our list. It was so fun to get back to the store and see friends!

Milk, you must go here. The food is delicious and the ice cream bars are insane!

and a stop for some lovely flowers for our home. There is nothing better than fresh flowers in your space.


the waites said...

mmmm...when i come in a couple weeks, your in charge of taking me to these fabulous spots! No seriously I come the 21-28th. When can you play? Girls night? park day? I want to see you!

Pinecone said...

The sandwich look amazing. I need to check out these places the next time we are in LA!

Emma (Glitter and Gold) said...

ooohhh of to Milk today for some lunch thanks for reminding me about this place - I work so close too! and i totally agree - fresh flowers can do wonders for the home and heart!

Nest Studio said...

Oooh - I love rolling greens and have been dying to go to Potato chip since I lived in the hood - now I'm over in Eagle Rock and don't end up over there as often. But heading to Animal tonight - have you been there? YUM!

sandi said...

Oh, I want to go have fun in LA with you!

angela Steyn said...

I'm actually commenting on your divine family photos from your previous post... WOW, they are incredible! What an amazingly good-looking bunch you all are!

Love your blog.

Wicker & Stitch

caitlin wilson said...

oh man nic...i'm drooling. next time i come to see you can we go to LA for the food. i need the sandwhich, bars, and ice cream. and you know i could eat all of them. xo

Mrs.Grinder said...

Just found your blog & I literally read every single post. AMAZING! Your house is literally jaw dropping. Looking forward to future posts <3

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