Thursday, January 6, 2011

twenty eleven

Presley with her BFF and cousin Livi Love over the new year

Well, I am off to a bad blogging start in the new year! I hope to get back on top of it.
But I really have enjoyed these easy days with my family and friends.
There is nothing like the holidays to bring everyone together.

I have so many resolutions for this year, many new work related goals, so that is exciting to think of future possibilities!

And the obvious health goals. I have been off my typical health regimen for way too long and it is no secret! I have big plans for change, but so far I have only gotten back into my lemon water first thing in the morning routine... Baby steps?

Hope you all had an amazing New Years! I am so grateful for all of my friends old and new that visit this humble little blog. Thanks for your support!

Cheers to 2011!


Rachel said...

look at presley's tiny little hips. she's great. p.s. your parents were so kind to let lindsay wright and i stay at your house one night over new years and we were so lucky to sleep in the "babys room." can i just say, i never got out of that bed and i didn't want to leave that room? im paying you to decorate my future house some day!!

nicole me oh my! said...

I love it Rachel! I am sad I missed you guys while you were in town, and love that you slept in my old room, now baby room. The bed is really comfy!


lilla.u said...

All the best for your family 2011!
I will continue following your beautiful blog.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

love love love that picture haha

chelsea said...

love the TOMS :)

andy & lo said...

i awarded you with the stylish blogger award :)

check it out

Rachel said...

love love love your blog!

Pinecone said...

Great picture and blog...I am your newest follower!

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