Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ME OH MY! the shop

I think I am just going to keep up the shop for another few weeks. I have lowered all the prices, so make sure to check it all out!

Also, Love Leeves came out with a brand new pillow that I love!!
Find the I Heart You pillow in the shop!

And to my local friends, I have more stuff to sell that I haven't listed. Feel free to stop by and try anything on!


Anonymous said...

Where is your shop located?

tiffany garfield photography said...

Like I told you, I love these pillows! Love the LOVE YOU one! Can you do another giveaway and just pick me? :) haha Really though, they are all so cute---don't close shop!

Tracey said...

Just gorgeous. And that first photo looks like the cover of a living etc. magazine. x Think i need to go and tidy my kitchen! xx

Angela Furlong said...

Hi there... I just discovered your blog via Table Tonic - both our blogs were mentioned by Louise this week! What a gorgeous collection of yumminess - I'm your newest follower.

Pop on over to my blogs for a peek when you get the chance,

Hope you have a happy week.

Wicker & Stitch
Mama & The Monkey

Val said...

I just wanted to tell you that your blog is AMAZING!! I love everything about it and your pictures are breathtaking. New follower!!! Happy Tuesday!

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