Tuesday, November 9, 2010

utah weekend

We spent the weekend in Utah, and I soaked up the amazing fall weather I was craving!
We were in Provo for all of about 24 hours, but I made sure to stop by a couple of my favorites.

A stop in Alice Lane Home of course.
I can't get enough of this store!
And if you are in the area, run don't walk to their holiday decor.
It is so beautiful, I wanted it all!

And I can't be in Provo without a visit the Pizzeria 712 and Soel Boutique.
Both favorites!

We spent the rest of the weekend up in Deer Valley
unfortunately Presley had the flu or food poisoning
(a lot of throw up but no fever?)
We had a party for my brother's birthday.

Chocolate raspberry cake from Windy Ridge Bakery in Park City.
Everything we had from them was unreal.
We will definitely be going back!

Yummy cupcakes from Cupcake Chic in Provo.

And breakfast included more sweet treats from Windy Ridge.
My favorite thing is almond croissants, and they did not disappoint!


Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Beautiful pictures! And I wish I was closer to Alice Lane.

sarah marie. said...

brian said he saw you and i'm so sad i missed you..

Amanda and Matt Dalton said...

We did the same exact quick trip to Utah this weekend! Picked up a cute pillow at Alice Lane, stopped in Provo for a few then spent the rest at the new St. Regis in Deer Valley. I have already booked our next stay there!

yours truly said...

Utah is so beautiful right now... and snowing exactly right now:) Where OH WHERE are your little girls adorable shoes from?

Melissa said...

Love love love that first photo. Presley looks adorable.

Lovin That! said...

Beautiful photos!!

Where did you get your daughters dress and tights?? too cute.

Daile Wilson said...

I miss that time whenever I go shopping at Sole boutique and see your beautiful face.

lindsay marie said...

your blog is getting me so excited for christmas (in utah for me!). I also cant wait to decorate the house!! you are so pretty, so is Presley...I love your dress with the birds on it!

Candice said...

Ok I must have those christmas trees. I am jealous you went to my favorite store. I might have to order those! Love the pictures, I heard the party was a hit :)

tiffany garfield photography said...

i had no idea Presley was so sick?! it sounds terrible! all those baked goods...man, they look good. glad you guys had fun! btw, Presley looks so grown up!

Jamie said...

oh man i love your blog and never get used to how great it is. your daughter and you are so stylish not that stlye is the ultimate thing in life but i love style becuase it makes me happy. i'm a stylist for photo shoots so style is always on my brain. your style reminds me of anthro and that is my fav kind!

rikshaw design said...

she is too cute!
and i need to hit that alice lane home store soooo bad!

No.35style said...

that presley is such a doll! love those pics!

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