Monday, October 11, 2010

NYC: where we stayed part one

For the majority of our trip we stayed at The Empire Hotel in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
It was an amazing hotel with great design!
I loved staying here and was so inspired by the space.
I would definitely recommend it.
Yes, it is the hotel from Gossip Girl, and no we did not order the I'm a Chuck Bass.
(insert smiley face)

The first night we stayed in Tribeca, which was fun and nice to spend a day in Soho, but the location of the Empire Hotel was much prettier and it was so close to Central Park which I love!

Here are some shots of our room.

Loved the wall paper in the halls of the hotel.

We enjoyed spending some time up on the rooftop as well.
A great setting and amazing views!


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

looks so lush! love the terrace!

Melissa said...

Love that hotel! It is gorgeous.

Shelly Hyde said... dreamy way to spend your time in the city

caitlin wilson said...

gorgeous! i love it. and your momma does look hot!

ashley cooper said...

I love the pillows and the tree wallpaper!

Miranda said...

How fun! and I just gotta say since no one else did your hubs is hot!:))

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