Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the long weekend

it was just us two, presley and me.
i had so much school work to do in this final week
(one more week!)
but i was so glad that i was forced to put it all aside and play with my girl.
it was time much needed together.

we headed to the farmers market early in the morning,
after a stop at zinc cafe.
it was still cold and overcast so presley sported her winter coat.

the produce is so much tastier here.

we can't stop eating the tomatoes. I should have bought way more.
we also hit a small local flea market.
that is one good thing when presley wakes up at 6 am...

and i have loved the bunch of clovers spread throughout our place from the market.
what did you do over the weekend?


Anonymous said...

Hi! Love the blog. Where was the farmers market and flea market you went to?

Stacy said...

Nicole, Don't forget that we all need to hit the flea market together.

Let's put it on the calendar.

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