Monday, September 20, 2010


As much as I love being done with school,
I do miss my time and friends at Rolling Greens!
We had a great group and had a lot of fun transitioning the store.
I am so glad that I took the internship, I learned so much!

Me, the team of interns, and Angela (who is holding the store's mascot, Sophie)


Audrey and Geoffery said...

Hi, my name is Audrey and I love to follow your blog! I was looking at your dining room table and chairs and LOVE the slipcovers you put on them. I just bought a dining table and want the same slipcovers to go on our chairs and was wondering where you got them. I would MUCH appreciate if you could let me know. Thanks!!

My email is

Shannon "Fuller" Davis said...

you look skinny. I love everything about this store. I can't believe your done with that already!

tell Angela to fashion island it on up for us... not that I could afford a pencil in that store..

tiffany garfield photography said...

bittersweet. so glad you got to do it! it kind of flew by...not for you I"m sure...but, I can't believe you're already done! congrats! :)

The Bella Life said...

What a cute store! Was part of the store outside?


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