Wednesday, June 16, 2010

summer break

School is out for Summer!
Only three little weeks of summer, but I'll take it.
Our days are going to be filled with sunscreen, watermelon, swimming lessons, days at the beach, pool, and waterpark, chasing bubbles, boating, reading, baby bikinis, watercoloring, toe nail painting, and giggles.  
I love this time with my girl after all the stress and too much boob tube babysitting. 

What are your days going to be filled with?

photos from this lovely etsy shop, simply hue designs.


Sarah said...

I'm so happy its summer! Bring on the vacations :)

Ashly said...

So exciting to be done!! So excited to see more of you two at the pool etc. What is boob tube bbsitting?

nicole me oh my! said...

ha! just putting on the tv or movies to distract presley so I could work on homework/projects.

Lindsay Marie said...

we are going to Salt lake to stay with my my husbands parents...Im excited to eat at cafe rio, swim, and enjoy the warm summer nights (I live in SF so its never warm at night!).

Jamie said...

sounds like a fun summer for you and your little girl! so far mine's been spent at the beach soaking up the sun, poolside watching my nephews swim lessons, hanging with girlfriends downtown & i think a trip to washington is in store! have FUN!

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