Monday, June 14, 2010

Fashion Styling Final

I just got back some of the images from my Fashion Styling class final.
We worked in a group of four girls and had the theme "Romanticism"
We studied the era, and then came up with our idea, and finally executed a photo shoot.
I think they turned out pretty.  
We decided against a lot of props other than lots of white sheets and pillows
everything on the model was made by us.
My friend just whipped up the dress one week.
(not fair, or normal!)

Happy Monday!

P.S.  I just wanted to say hello and thank you to all of my new blogging friends!  All of your comments and kind words make my day, thank you thank you!


Lisa said...

Nicci, I love these. The subtle pink tone of the lighting is very romantic indeed. You are so talented.

Marie said...

What a beautiful dress. The bottom is my favorite part. Photo 2 is just gorgeous.

Bold and Beautiful said...

Hi there.....I love your blog. Are you going to school for fashion design? love these gorgeous photos!

nicole me oh my! said...

I am going to school for Visuals, but we have one styling class, which is what a lot of the girls in my major want to be. I am more interested in homes, visuals, and home product. :)

kostas said...


marykaye said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!!!

Meikel said...

You ooze talent, the styling and photography is so so lovely. And LOVE your powder, and Mr. Winston!

Just Me said...

I absolutely love the dress and the way it was photographed. I found you through Little Green Notebook and think I'm hooked. :-)

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