Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bottega Louie

I'm heading up to LA today for class, and am already thinking about stopping by Bottega Louie during break.
My friend and I stumbled upon this place last quarter.
You feel like you stepped into a patisserie in New York City or London.
BL is so well put together, everything is perfectly packaged, and the customer service is insane.
The gourmet market is attached to the restaurant, I can only imagine how good it is.
If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend it!
It is the perfect escape from the busy downtown.

I mainly took photos of the sweet treats, but I go there for lunch.
Last week was the first time we tried the macaroons.

Can you believe those colors?

(turns out they have a blog)

all photos taken with my iphone


I went for lunch again yesterday
and tried the Modena Salad
(they had me at butter lettuce)
and a multi grain pretzel.
It was delish!


Brenda said...

drooling. Please go there and share with us the details.

Nikki said...

I discovered this place right before I left LA in February. It's amazing! Everything from the apps to the cocktails are phenomenal. My friend I was with at the time, her and her husband drive up from the OC about once every week to go.

Ashly said...

The restaurant is soooo tasty, and very reasonably priced for the atmosphere and quality of food. I had a salad with walnuts and the dressing was amazing. Also had a very tasty pasta but was told that the pizza is delish!

nicole me oh my! said...

oh no! I may have to talk my friends into sitting down at the restaurant and splitting a pizza and salad with me! I'm sure it is delicious, everything I've tried in the market is so good and fresh!

Ashly said...

I can't stop thinking about how stinking cute those macaroons are. I vote you should have a party and use them as a favor! :)

Sarah said...

Yum! Great, now I'm craving something sweet. :)

Lisa said...

WHAT?!?! This place better be new since I left LA. Otherwise, why was I wasting my time eating anywhere else? Also, I LOVE macaroons, and I wouldn't complain if you brought me some back?


jessica {magnolia queen} said...

By the looks of these photos this place looks... delicious!

Also, can I ask you what app you use on your iphone to get this style of photo? {love it!}

nicole me oh my! said...

I use the shake it photo app, I love it!

La Dolfina said...

Where in LA is it? My son is starting UCLA in the Fall and I would love to find some great eats down there :)

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