Thursday, May 27, 2010

textile crush

I am loving the fabrics by Kerry Cassill!
Her gorgeous bohemian prints are so up my alley.
I love that she combines vintage florals and modern graphics
with bedding, clothing, accessories , and by the yard.
and the fabrics are so so soft!
(she even has crib bedding -- yes please!)

This is by far my favorite print right now.
I can't stop thinking about having a headboard or chair upholstered in this!


Amanda and Matt Dalton said...

Love it! I've been dying to buy a huge quilt from Kerry Cassill to use as a big beach blanket for picnics, etc. I'll have to wait a bit longer...pricey!

Emily Curfew said...

love her mixtures of large and small and colors. okay... so this might be a stretch...but i was thinking about what fabrics would be a cheaper alternative... for the smaller prints maybe anna maria horner little folks, and for larger flower prints "poppy collection by laura gunn". here are some cute home-made pillow cases using that larger print by the talented ashley of film in the fridge:

oh but i wish i could have the real thing. i'm on the lookout for kerry's next big bedding sale.

Ashly said...

I never really knew of kerry cassill until recently a friend from new york (who is orginially from Laguna Beach) suggested that I join the group for the store Lala on facebook. I joined and instantly fell in love with all of the bright colors. So pretty. Have you been to Lala in Laguna?? I've never been but apparently it's a Kerry Cassill boutique. I would love to see the crib bedding. Do you know if Lala carries it?

nicole me oh my! said...

Emily, thanks for the tips! I'm going to go check them out now...

And, Ashly, yes I've been to Lala - I love that store! And Kerry is usually there and they do have the crib bedding there. You need to go, they sell her clothes, bedding, and fabrics by the yard and they always have the last season's fabrics on sale for half off! you'll love the feel - it's very relaxed and bohemian.

Emily Curfew said...

hey nicole. me again. i just went to la la for the first time yesterday and loved it!! i snapped a few pics from my iphone and posted on my blog:

i wanted almost everything in there.i love how she paris prints together. so thanks for sharing your textile crush! its a new fave of mine. and i just love following your cute blog.

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