Monday, April 26, 2010

viva terra

I got the mail today, it had been a while, and sat down to look through some of the catalogs I normally just throw in the recycling bin.

I couldn't believe how many pages of the Viva Terra catalog I was tagging!
There are definitely some great finds!
Here are a few of my favorites:

the bed, not the bedding (!)

I love the idea of this chalkboard globe! 


Chrissy said...

cute, cute and more cute. ugh.

Shauna said...

you mean you dont like the lettuce cut edged bedding????


everything else great. The pendant light, there is one pretty much identical to it at target. LOVING those mirrors.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

the butterlfy pillos!! oh my! gorgeous!

nicole me oh my! said...

ha! no, i do not like the lettuce cut edged bedding. what are they thinking? but i think the bedframe could be really cool!

and my friend told me about the targer pendant too, and this one is 40 bucks cheaper. who knew?!

Lauren said...

Why doesn't money grow on trees?

Elizabeth said...

Love your blog! I found you via Caitlin Wilson's blog. Just like I told her, I love both of your decorating style, and find it funny that I have one daughter named Nicole and another named Caitlin.
I now have to have both of you on my blog roll :)

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