Wednesday, April 7, 2010

real family

i am so so excited.
i just booked our first family of three photo shoot!
i hired the incredible ashlee raubach to do a lifestyle shoot at our humble condo.
my usual talented photog and sister in law is taking a needed break, so we are branching out and trying some of my other favorites.
orange county and san diego friends you need to jump in and sign up for may 18th and 19th!  she is amazing. 
i have dreams of taking lifestyle photos in our home and surroundings through out the years, and this is our first one.  i can't wait.
now ... what are we going to wear?


Lauren said...

Nicole! I have been poking around your blog... you are so cute. I will be back often ;)

I love Ashlee Raubach's photos. That is so so exciting!

That little Presley is too cute. And it was fun hanging out with you last weekend! I too was bummed I had to leave so early, but you know how it goes with little ones...

the waites said...

I love Lifestyle photos. Everyone makes fun of me because I want to have some taken on our bed when Mias born.You know Brad and Angelina style:)

I cant wait to see them, you couldnt have a more beautiful family so they will be perfection Im sure.

Good luck with school make sure to buy a cute back to school outfit.

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Sounds wonderful - I would love to do that one day! Have fun with it! xo

caitlin wilson said...

oh that's so great...she's my clients photographer in utah so she's doing all my utah portfolio shoots in may! can't wait to see the shoot!

Kirsten said...

She is so great! She took some pics of Vanessa last year in her home studio. Did you know she is in my parents ward?

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