Friday, April 30, 2010

farmer's market

We spent the morning at the local farmer's market.
I had been going to one on Thursday's, but the last two quarter's I have had class on Thrusday.
This was our first time going to the closest Friday market, and it is the best!
It was way bigger, and the produce was gorgeous!
My house smells like strawberries and oranges as I blog.
There is something about buying your produce from local farmers, it really does taste better.
Our favorite for sure was the cherry heirloom tomatoes!
Presley especially could not get enough.


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

love the strawberries photo!!

Emily C said...

i love local farmer markets! i've been hitting up the one by my house in La Costa at least once a week! 1 bunch of asparagus is only 1 buck! and the strawberries are hands down much juicier than the grocery's.

do you go to the one in SJC?

nicole me oh my! said...

I used to go to the san juan market, but this one is at the laguna hills mall parking lot. all the produce is so delish!! and it's cheaper.

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