Monday, April 5, 2010


I hope you all had a great Easter weekend!
Ours was packed with activities, it was perfect.

Trader Joe's has the most incredible flowers right now. Week after week they are filling my house with gorgeous spring flowers.
There is nothing better than fresh flowers in your home!

We celebrated Easter nice and early with a visit from the Easter Bunny, about five Easter egg hunts with the same four plastic eggs (love this age!) and a yummy pumpkin pecan waffle breakfast with cranberry butter and syrup. I will share the recipe soon, I die.

We headed to my parent's home in the afternoon to help cook and get ready for our traditional feast.
(you may recognize Presley's "Easter dress" from our Christmas card ... Easter really snuck up on me this year!)

My mom is the. best. host. Seriously, every holiday is always so fun in her home. She makes the most incredible food and always has a beautiful holiday spread.
( And do you die over her new chandelier?? )

She went with a lilac theme, and it was gorgeous! She bought most of her flowers and what nots at Rogers Gardens. I am now also a huge fan of them, they have the best holiday decor!

She even sent us home with our own Easter decoration.

I baked my very favorite coconut cake. My mom had a traditional ham, but lucky for me - I don't do ham - she has been making her hazelnut crusted chicken with creamy thyme sauce too for the past few years. It is insane! And such a great take on Easter dinner. Again, I promise to start sharing some recipes. We enjoyed celebrating with both sides of our family this year!

I love Easter and what it represents to us in our faith. Hope you all had a great weekend too!


Lisa said...

Love everything about this post. From Presley's bunny ears to the flowers, to the coconut cake. (Can you mail me a slice?)

Luckily we burned some serious calories on the dance floor.

Miss you.

Lindley said...

I'm a new follower and wanted to say how much I adore your mother's chandelier. How beautiful!

julie said...

YES recipes PLEASE! that chicken is making my mouth water... just reading about it.

Ashly said...

I agree, that chicken sounds divine. I already know what that coconut cake tastes like, and it is dangerously delicious. (that is if its the same one that Sandy Huish and Debbie make). Your mom's house is beautiful of course!! Looks like a fun filled Easter Sunday. Wasnt it so much fun with kids? I seriously loved Easter this year and loved that it was such a nice and relaxing weekend.

tiffany garfield said...

The cake looks delish! I love all the flowers! I'm going out to get flowers. If I have to be stuck inside most of the time til this baby comes, I think flowers will help. :) Even though Preslys dress is also the same as Christmas she's still so adorable. Love the bunny ears!

kristy said...

i'm crazy over those trader joe's flowers... seriously, mark just said today after I said for the umpteenth time, "aren't these flowers beautiful?" - he goes, "you've said that about 7 times now"... well, it's TRUE! I love them! and I really miss you, girl. we must get together soon!!!

Christina said...

I'm a new follower. I can tell this blog is going to get addicting. I love your mom's dining room chairs! Where are they from?

nicole me oh my! said...

hi Christina! I am almost positive my mom got her chairs through Alice Lane. It is a gorgeous store in Utah, they just shipped them to her house! I love them too!

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