Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inspiration Notebooks

For one of my school assignments, we were asked to create a Inspiration Notebook.  I was so glad to be forced to gather all of my magazine tears into one spot!  I literally have stacks and stacks of mags that are filed away like the above. 

I found a cute binder from Target, and (bonus!) it is 100% recycled!
I organized the notebook into different sections
Home Decor
Special Events
Photo Styling
to name a few

Eventually, I want to have a notebook for each section.
And, in my dreams, my office will be filled with the gorgeous binders by russell + hazel.
I am so obsessed with their goods!  They are gorgeous.
Here are a few of my favorite binder colors, but really I'd take them all!

Also ....  
I need advice!  I have just about every single issue of Domino, untouched.  Do you think I should just tear those suckers up and put them in my Inspiration Notebooks?  Or keep them in tact??  I can't decide, I love them untouched, but then I am not able to access the images as easily.


bazaarofserendipity said...

I say leave them untouched!! You may rip it and feel so sad!!


amy said...

love this post. i do the same thing but it's gotten away from me this past year, you've inspired me to get it all organized again.

oh, don't tear Domino. i have every issue too... drumming my fingers for their return!

kerstin said...

keep them intact! Boyfriend and i color code things we like in magazines with the little post-it flag tabs.


nono, i'm not a sponsor of postit or 3m or anything. i just like to keep things organized!

Lauren said...

I am kind of laughing right now because my family makes fun of me and all of my magazine clippings that I have [semi]organized into binders.

I face the same dilemma with tearing up certain mags (Real Simple, Martha, Domino, BluePrint). Let me know what you decide..!

angela said...

Scan them in. I prefer the hard copy, but then you won't have to tear them up, and you can view your favs more easily. (admittedly, this could take a while if you have a lot of favorites.)

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